Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moving on up...to the Eastside!

Ok, Kirby Lane, you're still my go-to for queso... but I think I may have found my new brunch spot in Austin. I lived there for so long and had never been to Eastside Cafe, but it's now on my list of places to visit when I'm in town. Since 1988 Eastside has been growing their own veggies and herbs and there's even a 125 year old elm tree you can sit under! We were lucky enough to go on an absolutely beautiful day in Austin, walked around the garden, took some photos, and then ate a wonderful brunch- migas, french toast, eggs benedict, cheese and garlic mashed potatoes, tuna steak sandwich (Michelle was ready for lunch..) mimosas, coffee, it was all so fantastic. It was a very quick mini-visit, but so nice to make the trip. I need to go to Austin more. Maybe not soon, with SXSW coming up (craziness, i tell you..) but maybe April? Sounds good.

[photo by Michelle]
Broccoli garden!

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