Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tutorial Thursday!

!!! They look like dandelions! Love it.

This week has been pompom madness at my house! (and maybe at work a little bit too but shhhhhhhhh... only at lunch?..) I even have a band aid on my left pointer finger knuckle from the scissors... ohhh noes...!
You can find the tutorial right here! If you're not very good and buying and keeping flowers on your table, this is perfect- they're bright and cheery 24/7! If you buy softer, more expensive yarn, the better texture the pompom will have- I.E. my 2 $ Red Heart brand is rough whereas my 4$ Vanna White brand yarn is soft and fuzzy!

Make as many poms as you'd like.. go foraging outside for sticks and SHAZZAM! Look at you.

Have fun!
[photos here and here ]

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