Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Oh, he occasionally takes an alcoholiday."- Oscar Wilde

That's my second "Oscar" reference today! I like that quote...

I like this one, too: "Work is the curse of the drinking class"... and I'm feeling that today as I look at the blue, cloudless sky outside my office window (ahhh.. but at least you have a window!) I know, I know. And I'm thankful for it, as I'm thankful I still have work, and a good job, a great family and good friends. I'm counting my blessings St. Patrick! Now, may I please have a Guinness???

Here are some pretty vintage St. Pat's postcards and art [google images]

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  1. Ginny your hilarious and I love your blog! This post made me laugh...and yes! at least you have a job, and office, and a WINDOW!!! :)


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