Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trials and Errors.

Still working on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer felt ribbon pins (with yellow rose of Texas!) They're a good way to experiment with different stitches. 12 down, about 18 to go.

Also tried my hand at a tiny make-up bag/ mini softie-wallet... thing. Not quite sure of it's purpose yet, but I'm sure it'll have one.
I love this fabric and just wanted to use it- I'm learning my machine and really need practice so I put this little bag together last night. Bunches of mistakes ( ex: stitching doesn't come all the way down on the left side like it does on the right, top flap not long enough, etc......) but that's the fun part right? Trial and error. The button is just decoration- haven't learned to sew buttonholes yet, but I stitched a little Velcro on the inside to keep the top flap down (there's no interfacing or anything....I should go get some...)
[ nice nail polish...]

Do you get frustrated when learning something new or are you patient with yourself?


  1. Great sewing projects Virginia. How many days have you had the machine?? Two? Fantastic! I constantly get frustrated (my temper isnt my best trait). Looking forward to seeing some more of your machine work. Hope you're enjoying it and it isnt frustrating you too much.


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