Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh hai! Let's ketchup.

So I haven't been around much as you can see, but been very good. The Omaha trip was wonderful, fast paced craziness but I think next time we'll go the airplane route. There's just too much we want to do when we visit that wasting a whole day in the car isn't worth it! Instead of car-riding we'd like to sip an Irish Coffee @ Mr. Toad...get the creme brule at M's Pub...hit a few more antique shops...the list is endless! This is the only photo from Omaha... a silly picture of Pat (looking a little suspicious) and I at Slowdown before the Lady Gaga show...and as Gaga shows's always too much, too fast.

Work is A-Ok (I got a new office!... with a window!)

A few weeks ago Living Social had a great deal: 20 pilates and yoga classes for $20! I snagged one and so did a few friends so twice a week I've been going to yoga! The first class I signed up for was called "Fundamental pilates"... I'm thinking... ok fundamental.. like.. beginners, right? hooollllyyyy crap..that class was NOT for beginners. I don't exercise regularly. I'm not proud of it, but I would make an effort.. maybe... twice a month. After years and years of gymnastics and cheerleading, I guess I was just over it. So I thought "ok... lets start slow.. ease into it with a little "fundamental" class. NOPE. The instructor was great, but she was going at guru pace. She was Denise Austin on speed. She didn't really modify anything for someone who.. oh I don't know... hadn't worked out in a month and had never taken a pilates class in her life. By the end my body was shaking muscles feeling like jello. For a split second I though "oh shit...I can't stand up"... and it freaked me out. So with focus... I got up..and walked very slowly to the door...then to the car where I proceeded to get into the drivers seat butt first and lift each by one.. into the car. It freaked me out and so until I they offer a beginner's pilates...I'm done with pilates.

Probably because I'm a spaz.

Yoga on the other hand... I liked! It was challenging...I learned that I don't know how to breathe which is funny...and that I'm about as flexible as a bread stick now. I have another class scheduled next week! Today I'm doing something called Shimmy Express...which I believe is something like belly dancing? Basically a gut focused work out which it something I am all for. So... I've been working on my fat ass fitness, trying to be  active at least 3 times a week. Swimsuit season y'all. It's still coming.

We went to the Bayou City Arts Fest last weekend which was fantastic! Made By One Girl was there again and I bought two more of her map love notes. I just love them!

Last weekend was also the first Braud family (minus Michelle+Dylan and Peter) crawfish boil of 2011... SO EXCITED FOR CRAWFISH!

{ryan's photo}

My brother's been living in Peru and visited Machu Picchu this last weekend- abso beautiful!:

{pete's photos}

Michelle and Dylan are still surrounded by snow in MN but it's getting better, right? RIGHT? IT HAS TO WARM UP. SRSLY.
This weekend the Final Four is in Houston. I loathe basketball...I hate the squeaking sound the sneakers make BUT...because of the final four there are tons of free things to do in Houston this weekend! (Free is good... the Mercury needed some repair work this week...VERY inconvenient). So Friday the Hold Steady is playing a free show and Saturday-- Kings of Leon! The shows are @ Discovery Green which is one light rail stop from our house! Free things we can walk to! Which means... first we walk to the pub... THEN to the park. It works out.

What else has been going on? Oh, I've just started season 2 of LOST. Y'all I know I'm all late to the party but that so good.

Ryan and I watch an episode of X-Files every night before sleep. It's one of my favorite new traditions. The other night we made an X-Files lasted like.. 10 minutes before it got kind of annoying (we're not architects...I'm gonna have to look up how to properly build a blanket fort on the Internet)  but it was fun for those minutes.

I hope you've been well, happy, busy (good busy...not the "oh my God I'm going to die" kind of busy). I'll be around more. Getting back to blogging is on my to-do list along with losing 10 lbs, letting my hair grow, eating less crap-food and being a better person.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm 90% sure we're going to Omaha in two weeks and since plane tickets are 400$ a pop (DUMBBB!) we're gonna fill the tires with air, get the oil changed and hit the great American road...(but we can only stop for bathroom breaks....we're on a time crunch!)


Cooler will be packed full of Red Bull and Starbucks espresso shots. It will definitely be a challenge, but we can do it!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's coming, y'all...and I'm scared...

I'm talkin' bout swimsuit season...but I'm trying to be optimistic! After browsing lots and lots of suits I found one...I present to you my 2011 suit aaaand I have to lose about 8 lbs before I can put it on.

It's being delivered Friday! I better stop eating.

Have you found your spring/summer 2011 suit yet? Are you even thinking about it?

Rodeo Houston!

Just a few shots from the Houston Rodeo BBQ cook-off Friday (I didn't actually take any photos once we got into the cook off, just the carnival outside... derf. ) and Trail Riders Parade on Saturday.  

After one too many beers and gorging ourselves on BBQ, I can't believe we actually peeled our faces off the pillow @ 9am on Saturday to catch the parade. I'm glad we did... I love seeing all the horses!

How do i get this job? I want to be a prancing cotton candy SO bad!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snacks! Healthy Edition

I call meals "snacks"... because I think my favorite meal is comprised of snacks. If we go out, I'd rather order and share 3 or 4 appetizers/ small plates than one big plate or bowl of just one thing. I like to taste, mix it up, and have variations in a meal. At home, one of my faves is an assortment of cheeses, some fresh veggies, fresh french bread and herb olive oils. I like to think it's what I'd be eating if I lived in the South of France...drinking Bordeaux and being skinny. I wanted to share this snack idea:

Tonight we're having one of my new favorites, blueberries and goat cheese on water crackers. It's super easy to do- you can mash the cheese and berries up together or my favorite, food process  to a beautiful, creamy blue. There's just something about the tartness of the cheese and the light sweetness of the blueberries that go together perfectly. Plus blue food is always fun.

Goat cheese:

When compared to cow milk products like cheddar and cream cheeses, goat cheese is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol, has greater quantities of potassium, vitamin A, thiamine, niacin and is rich in protein

One of the most antioxidant rich foods!
Blueberries also contain a high amount of vitamins, including: Vitamins B1, B2, B5 and B6, which help your body convert food to energy; Vitamin B3, which aids in lowering cholesterol; B12, which is good for your metabolism.

The crackers aren't horrible for you either...I mean you can eat 10 plain at 120 cals. shazzam. They're pretty big crackers, man.



I'm just sayin'... if I spotted one of these guys on a lamp post wouldn't exactly... ruin my day.


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