Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HTX Happy Hour is on Twitter!

So lately I've been busy with my new little Twitter venture. I figured I pretty much used my personal account just to tweet about the amazing happy hour specials I would come across (i.e. $1 martini Wednesdays, $1 reuben slider Mondays, etc).  I searched for one a few weeks ago and since I didn't come across one, I took matters into my own hands. So I introduce to you HTX Happy Hour on Twitter.

On it you will find photos, menu uploads, reviews and cheap daily deals from restaurants and watering holes around Houston.

I'm learning so much about so many deals around town, I had no idea Onion Creek in the Heights had Dutch beer Tuesdays where Heineken and Amstel are $2!

Here are a few menu's I've collected so far.

I think doing the research (tasting) may be the best part.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New hobby idea?

Talkin' bout picklin', y'all! Nothing better in a spicy bloody mary than an okra pickle..or pickled green beans. They're just soooo good! I used to eat my Gammaw's pickled okra by the pound and.... srsly? They want like.. almost $4 for a small jar at Kroger. That's stupid. It can't be super difficult, right? Plus I like mason jars! What if I got like.. super good at it...and came up with some amazing blend of spices no one has thought of before and I pickle everything under the sun and sell thousands of jars at farmer's markets across the country??!!


We could have a slogan!!

You'll Relish Our Pickles?
Never a Dill Moment?


In other news, we roasted some sweet potatoes last night and made sriracha ketchup. It was fantastico!

If you've never had sweet potato fries (or in this case, not fried!) I highly recommend.

1.Scrub em up real good.

2. Slice em (like in circles) Then slice the circles in half.

3. Throw em in a big Ziploc with one tablespoon of olive oil.

4. Shake em up!

5. Throw on a cookie sheet and bake @ 445 (i know, it's hot!) for like.. 15 mins.

6. Flip em and bake em for 10-15 mins more.

7. Remove from oven and salt/pepper as desired!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"It's like Richard Scarry characters went to a Grizzly Bear show."

this tumbler is killling meeeee (thanks nora!)

On Style.

I've really been making an effort to put more thought and imagination into getting dressed instead of just sleepily grabbing whatever my hands touch first @ 6am. I mean it's early, I have to be at the office in an hour...I probably didn't get enough sleep because lately, the Fuzz won't shut her cake-hole at night and I'm usually not in a very creative mindset. BUT...In the still-dark of my bedroom with only a single, dim bulb illuminating my choices, I tell myself "Think outside the box!"...the box being my office space. It is possible to put something together that's stylish (for, say,cocktail hour or a dinner) and work appropriate!

 Its odd to work on cultivating personal style at (almost) 30 years of age and I'm almost envious of the endless resources girls have today that didn't exist when I was in college (forget about high school!) In 1999, I was studying MLA style, not browsing personal style blogs. But I know that it's never too late. Updating your wardrobe is challenging and transitioning your style from college grad to professional, even girl to mother is tricky and there are so many people out there setting fantastic examples.
I've just been so inspired recently and it's because of a handful of ladies I'll probably never meet. I've learned that a summer dress can take on so many different personalities when paired with a great pair of shoes, a favorite clutch, a long dangly necklace, even pinning your hair up or wearing red lipstick. The perfect belt really can make an outfit. Fit/cut/shape is so important. ANYTHING can be hemmed, taken out or taken in, so keep an open mind when thrifting!  

In summation, I'd like to say thanks to the following bloggers for reminding me that getting dressed can be fun and for making me thankful I'm still young in an amazing time: Jessica Quirk, Amanda Johnson, Kendi Lea, Coury Combs, Bonnie Barton, and Erin.

  With these new eyes, I shop. This payday purchase is a two-fer because I've been pinching the pennies lately (and for some reason I felt like I deserved it..?). I love browsing the Modcloth dresses and yesterday I found this sweet little sea green spotted frock! (Under $50!) I love*love the color and the collar; the collar's definitely what got me. I like that it's long enough (@ 36") to wear to work- I can't wait to put this outfit together...

{Modcloth's Sea Salt Breeze Dress}

paired with a brown braided belt {UO}
and my (recently purchased) Gimmik Platform sandals by Blowfish! I'm pretty damn excited about these shoes because A) they were a good deal at $45 (free shipping @ DSW when you use promo code SHIPR) B) They have a 70s vibe to them...which is uncharted territory for me. I wouldn't exactly describe my style as 70s influenced so it's nice to get out of my comfort zone and try something new! and C) I haven't been able to get them out of my head ever since I first layed eyes on them via Miss Bonnie @ Flashes of Style 
(the 3 shoe-shots below are hers!)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Snowball Bliss!

Sunday was the most gorgeous day! We officially kicked off our Spring with the first snowball of the year. We went to Mam's House of Ice in the Heights for the first time (WHY it took me so long to go is beyond me...) I got lemon, Ryan got pink lemonade and they were fantastic! I hate it when snowballs are too crunchy and this one was perfection, super-soft ice...tart and refreshing. The little trailer was cute, too- pale blue with lime green accent trim. It felt so good to sit in the grass in the sun with a frosty treat and I think I could make this a weekend ritual.

The lines can get a little long, but it's so worth it.  

Friday, April 15, 2011

Keep Calm and Eat an Entire Onion

I've been a little fussy lately so I was sorta looking forward to my second ever yoga class. I needed to stretch, breathe, focus, etc. Calm it down, basically. It's the Hatha, which is supposed to be the pretty easy going one (so I've heard...if I'm this sore after the "easy going" yoga, I don't want to know what intense yoga is like).  So I was all like this:

(just kidding y'all, no way in hell I could do that)

 and as with any exercise (I hate exercise) during the class I was like.. "You know what? Forget this...I quit" But a little voice inside of me was like "Don't quit! This is a good thing!" and then I was all "Yeah? Well what do I get if I stay?" and the voice said "Fried onion strings".

So after Yoga, Ryan and I proceeded to fry an entire onion. (a la Pioneer Woman!)  And then eat it.

And it was good....for the first 10 minutes. I don't feel so awesome now.

Side note: I'm so happy my yoga studio doesn't make us pair up and put our butts on each other. Maybe this is couples yoga or something...

[photos google images and pioneer woman]

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tutorial Thursday: Sea salt and vinegar kale chips

So Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet posted her kale chip experiment (she got the recipe here) and I admit I was skeptical. I don't think I'm veggie-clueless (maybe a 'lil bit?) but I had never tried kale. Maybe I was a little intimidated by how intense it looked, mega-leafy/super-thick, etc. I guess for greens my default is lettuce and spinach...but I was intrigued. I like salty and, good-for-you just seemed like a bonus!

I picked up a bunch (1.89 @ Kroger) and went home to experiment. Here we go!

1: Make yo'self a drink (you did just have a long day at probably deserve it) Rocks martini w/ lemon and olive pictured.

2: Rinse off your kale and dry it thoroughly with a paper towel.

3: Break kale leaves into bite size bits (I made approx 22 pieces).

4: Throw kale into a large Ziploc bag. Throw 1 tablespoon of EVOO and 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar (or any vinegar you fancy) into the Ziploc, seal and shake it like shake n' bake.

5: Toss kale onto a cookie sheet, space them so the pieces don't touch.

6: Sprinkle with a little sea salt and cracked black pepper. I also sprinkled with cayenne...because...well we put cayenne on everything.

7: Place cookie sheet in 350 degree heated oven for 10 minutes. After 10 mins, give em a poke. They should be hard to the touch. If not, you could flip them &  give 'em another minute.

Using a spatula, put your crispy kale chips on a plate and nom! They're salty, crunchy and they're good for you! I just learned: Kale is very high in beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, lutein and reasonably rich in calcium. Take THAT potato chips!

My cousin Rebecca says they resemble smushed frogs...I can see where she's coming from, but I'm not discouraged! I could see this kale chip thing becoming a weekly snack in our house.

* Note: Was informed that they do not keep well so if you make 'em, eat em up!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tiny Shop Update!

After a month of 0 shop updates...BAM! I've added a pair of earrings and a ring! I recently acquired these pretty little peach colored roses and had to make some jewelry. They're perfect for spring! I love this color.


Friday, April 8, 2011


I won these vintage thermoses (thermi? what is plural for thermos?) on eBay! I don't need 6 those grey mugs but the 4 thermi (we're gonna go with thermi) are totally worth it. 10 bucks! TEN! WEEEE! That wood grain one? That one with the...what is that.. wheat? on it?  AWESOME. I know collections are supposed to be...collected. You're supposed to find one unique piece at a time...maybe from different places...over a period of time but when something like this falls in your lap, you gotta take it! They'll have such a good little home on my round kitchen table.

Damn allergies

First it starts off as a nose-itch. Then maybe a sneeze here and there...then your throat gets a little scratchy, then it feel like you gained 30lbs in your head. I don't know what it is... exactly...that I'm allergic to. Oak? Ragweed? My office? Maybe all three? But I'm ready for it to be over because I've been substituting my glass of wine at night with 2 benadryl and I miss my Pinot. I'm sure Ryan is totally thrilled that his girlfriend is a Zombie.

In other news, I've resisted the urge (strong, strong urge) to buy any clothing online this pay period. (remember when I said I would allow myself one new dress each pay period?) The Mercury recently had some costly repairs so I'm pinching pennies this month.  My last few trips to Leopard Lounge were disappointing which was odd because I usually have good luck! SO! Last week I brought 3 of my long vintage dresses (Leopard Lounge finds from last year) to the tailors so she can wave her wand and magically turn dowdy frocks into brand-spankin' new summer mini dresses! I'm picking them up today after work. SO EXCITED. I do hope she cut enough off...I'd hate to be on the receiving end of a disdainful look if I ask her to cut them shorter. But I've been making an effort to restyle the things that are already in my closet. I absolutely need to update my shoe and accessory stock but as far as dresses, skirts, etc go I'm not buyin'. I also resolve to clean out my closet sometime this weekend and make a big bag for Goodwill. The thing about Goodwill is...when I go to drop off a bag...I usually leave with a bag. Sigh.

I just realized that my toiletries and makeup were more organized when I was 15... in my caboodle... then they are now. Ryan...30th birthday present idea, plz?

Also what happened to Kissing Coolers? 

OH SNAP you can buy it on eBay... FOR $10-15 EACH WHAT THE WHAT. Isn't that how much MAC lipsticks are?  

It's I gotta go listen to Rebecca Black as she is now part of my celebratory ritual.

Happy weekending!


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