Monday, April 18, 2011

Snowball Bliss!

Sunday was the most gorgeous day! We officially kicked off our Spring with the first snowball of the year. We went to Mam's House of Ice in the Heights for the first time (WHY it took me so long to go is beyond me...) I got lemon, Ryan got pink lemonade and they were fantastic! I hate it when snowballs are too crunchy and this one was perfection, super-soft ice...tart and refreshing. The little trailer was cute, too- pale blue with lime green accent trim. It felt so good to sit in the grass in the sun with a frosty treat and I think I could make this a weekend ritual.

The lines can get a little long, but it's so worth it.  


  1. Hells bells! It's still too cold for that business here. I'm hoping to enjoy cold food soon. ;)

  2. i love mam's! when i lived in the heights....i ate snowballs quite often :)


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