Friday, April 15, 2011

Keep Calm and Eat an Entire Onion

I've been a little fussy lately so I was sorta looking forward to my second ever yoga class. I needed to stretch, breathe, focus, etc. Calm it down, basically. It's the Hatha, which is supposed to be the pretty easy going one (so I've heard...if I'm this sore after the "easy going" yoga, I don't want to know what intense yoga is like).  So I was all like this:

(just kidding y'all, no way in hell I could do that)

 and as with any exercise (I hate exercise) during the class I was like.. "You know what? Forget this...I quit" But a little voice inside of me was like "Don't quit! This is a good thing!" and then I was all "Yeah? Well what do I get if I stay?" and the voice said "Fried onion strings".

So after Yoga, Ryan and I proceeded to fry an entire onion. (a la Pioneer Woman!)  And then eat it.

And it was good....for the first 10 minutes. I don't feel so awesome now.

Side note: I'm so happy my yoga studio doesn't make us pair up and put our butts on each other. Maybe this is couples yoga or something...

[photos google images and pioneer woman]


  1. Yoga is awkward enough without rubbin' ass. Here's my suggestion:

    1. Fry and eat onion BEFORE yoga.
    2. Pack them in to yoga class. You won't be in a hurry to leave if you snack on the onion strings during your sevasana. ;)

  2. We can do this
    If we do it together
    We can make it
    Butt 2 Butt, y'all


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