Friday, April 8, 2011

Damn allergies

First it starts off as a nose-itch. Then maybe a sneeze here and there...then your throat gets a little scratchy, then it feel like you gained 30lbs in your head. I don't know what it is... exactly...that I'm allergic to. Oak? Ragweed? My office? Maybe all three? But I'm ready for it to be over because I've been substituting my glass of wine at night with 2 benadryl and I miss my Pinot. I'm sure Ryan is totally thrilled that his girlfriend is a Zombie.

In other news, I've resisted the urge (strong, strong urge) to buy any clothing online this pay period. (remember when I said I would allow myself one new dress each pay period?) The Mercury recently had some costly repairs so I'm pinching pennies this month.  My last few trips to Leopard Lounge were disappointing which was odd because I usually have good luck! SO! Last week I brought 3 of my long vintage dresses (Leopard Lounge finds from last year) to the tailors so she can wave her wand and magically turn dowdy frocks into brand-spankin' new summer mini dresses! I'm picking them up today after work. SO EXCITED. I do hope she cut enough off...I'd hate to be on the receiving end of a disdainful look if I ask her to cut them shorter. But I've been making an effort to restyle the things that are already in my closet. I absolutely need to update my shoe and accessory stock but as far as dresses, skirts, etc go I'm not buyin'. I also resolve to clean out my closet sometime this weekend and make a big bag for Goodwill. The thing about Goodwill is...when I go to drop off a bag...I usually leave with a bag. Sigh.

I just realized that my toiletries and makeup were more organized when I was 15... in my caboodle... then they are now. Ryan...30th birthday present idea, plz?

Also what happened to Kissing Coolers? 

OH SNAP you can buy it on eBay... FOR $10-15 EACH WHAT THE WHAT. Isn't that how much MAC lipsticks are?  

It's I gotta go listen to Rebecca Black as she is now part of my celebratory ritual.

Happy weekending!


  1. Man I miss my kaboodle! Why did we ever grow out of those? Also...I think you got sick from packing Danny's office up. It's pretty gross in there. Just sayin'.

  2. haha! oh man i LOVED my kaboodle!!!!!! :D

  3. Someone pinned your Kissing Koolers on Pinterest which linked me to this post. I am now weeping with nostalgia over my purple Kaboodle with NKOTB stickers all over it!


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