Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crazy bag lady

My first foray into sewing yielded a little clutch handbag. Sew Crafty Houston's Intro to Sewing class is 40$ for 2 hours and all materials and instruction provided (but I brought my own fabric because I'm a nerd...)

The first hour was dedicated to learning the machine and the second hour was for actually working on your project, so I felt a smidge rushed (I was the last one sitting at my station when everyone else was done, gone and home having a snack...). I would mess up a stitch, grab the seam ripper, get a little overzealous and stab and tear the fabric like a scene out of some slasher movie.

It was a good class and I recommend it to anyone wishing to dip their toes, but I wasn't happy with my final product. It just looked a little misshapen, the top flap larger than the bag, stab wounds right on the front.... blood... guts... (ok no guts...but I was the only person in my class who pricked her finger on the needle and actually DID draw blood...)

Yesterday I decided to give it another go. I went to Joanne's on lunch, bought some Pelltex interfacing for the inside to make the bag sturdy, went home after work and... well.. got to work. I had the freedom and time to experiment more with embellishments and shapes and I'm pretty happy with my second attempt. I was going for a little springtime envelope kind of look:

Here's a peek inside: It's the same pattern as the outside, just an orangey/red instead of yellow/white. I really liked this fabric so I bought it in 2 different colors. Thanks, Mrs. Reese! I'll be back for more!

This is the bag I made during the class but I reformed the top flap and added a matching bow to hide the stab wound. I love this fabric too (found here, a pattern playground!) it reminds me of a mermaid.

Better, I think. A little more flash...

Both bags are about 9 " wide and 7" tall.

More to come!

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