Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh noes! I forgot Tutorial Thursday! So this is.. Tutorial Friday!

Custom candle wrappers! I really liked this one because a) it's easy and b) can change the paper to suit any holiday or decor. The scrap booking section of hobby lobby or any craft store has tons and tons of great patterned and festive papers. Choose a few that strike you and get to wrappin!

You will need: glass votives (must have glass!),` decorative paper, ruler, pencil, adhesive, and scissors or paper cutter
Once you have picked your pretty paper, measure votive for paper width. Start from under the lip on top, to just above the bottom where the glass begins to curve. For this candle it measured 2 1/2 inches
Run a strip of adhesive on both ends of the paper. Make sure the glue is right at the ends to assure a tight fit
Once you have cut your strip of paper, wrap it around the votive. Mark where the paper over laps about 1/4 of an inch. Cut the strip to this length.

Pretty candles for your table!
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