Friday, February 26, 2010

o! weekend! so happy you're here.

So I drank two Sam Adams Cream Stouts after work (mmmm) and made two of the little magnets from the tutorial yesterday. The Diamond glaze is a smidge too shiny for a photo, but I think they came out OK! I used some scrapbook paper cut into circles the size of a quarter, stuck them in the caps and covered in diamond glaze. I think I should have glued the papers to the bottom of the caps first (duh..) because the paper floated up when the glaze was hardening, so I learned that lesson. It takes about 24 hours to completely dry. When dry, I'll superglue two pieces of magnet tape to the back and put 'em on the fridge. Springy, vintage-y floral I think!

Here are some other Sofites made this week!
Made another Russian doll, but I think I'm gonna put these on the back burner until I learn how to use a sewing machine. They're just too difficult to do by hand and make them look nice.
Do you have big plans for the weekend? Tomorrow I'm heading to Austin! Peter lives there and Michelle is flying in for a wedding so we'll get to visit with her for a little while. Happy to see her, wish her husband Dylan could visit too! Almost the whole family!
Hope your weekends are beautiful! Will have lots of photos next week!

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