Tuesday, February 9, 2010

because i am ridiculously impatient...

I spent an hour at hobby lobby yesterday after work, went home, and spent two hours making these little bulletin boards. The hardest part was choosing fabric, it was pretty easy to assemble. I want to try to make larger boards, as these are only little 12".

I love this fabric! I grabbed 1/2 a yard (which is enough to make 2 rounds 12" boards) and while I was in the check out line, I saw.....
COORDINATING STATIONARY! I controlled myself though.. there were journals, sticky notes, letter openers, photo books...accordion folders... *sigh*... where would it end, really? I guess I just have an affinity for desk/office supplies.

Love this print, too! (A friend's birthday is tomorrow- this one is hers...I hope this doesn't spoil it!) Stuck a photo on there with a thumbtack to "model".

I'd like to make a red polka-dot one for the kitchen to keep my sticky-note-pile-o-recipes (currently stuck to the fridge) organized.

Speaking of recipes, I found one for homemade almond lip gloss! I've actually never been inside of The Container Store (which is probably for my own good anyway..) but I found these online today and they'd be perfect for packaging lip gloss! Could make little labels.. lots of different flavors....

I should get back to work.


  1. those are so cute! have you tried high fashion fabric in midtown? they have AMAZING vintage fabrics, and you really have to hunt which is prt of the fun!

  2. Oooohhh! No! ill def have to look into it!


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