Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love Story #5: My Brother!

[me] I met this guy on October 27th, 1986. I was 5, and he was... well, he was nothing really. Tiny and sleeping is what he was- my first and only little brother. Michelle and I were pretty excited.. (I think).. Like I said, I was 5, Michelle was 3.

He was pretty fun(ny) and still is. We had this little bunny teeth with a nose/whiskers costume thing you'd secure to your head with an elastic band.. We'd put it on his face, he'd chew the little plastic teeth, we'd laugh. That photo still kills me. He'd play-fight, kick and swing his arms at me while singing the teenage mutant ninja turtle theme song. I'm not sure if he'd really want me sticking all of this on the internet, but these are the some of the things I remember from when we were kids that still make me giggle a little.

When I moved to San Marcos in 1999, Peter was 12, so I sort of missed those pretty important 12-18 years. I never once saw him play a high school soccer game, which I think I'll always regret.

Over the past 4 years we've become pretty close, sharing music, going to the same college, books, going to shows and bars together...He's become a really good guy- a really hard worker, so smart, a good cook...and I have to say I'm pretty proud of him.

Cheers, Pete!

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