Monday, February 8, 2010

A Laissez les bon temps rouler and Who dat! weekend

It's still a little early, as Mardi Gras day isn't until next Tuesday, but we were so lucky to catch the Krewe Of Aquarius Mardi Gras parade (be careful if you click that link at work... there's a pretty loud muzak version of "When the Saints go Marching in" on the home page!) in Galveston when Ryan was here this weekend. It was his first Mardi Gras parade, but definitely not his last. Even luckier that Saturday happened to be the most beautiful day we've had in about 2 weeks (sunscreen would have come in handy though, as Ryan left Houston with a little more color than when he arrived). We drove into Galveston a little before noon, watched the hour-long parade (caught so many beads, proof below!), sat poolside in the sun, walked along the seawall, enjoyed a few beers and had an awesome super-fresh seafood lunch. Such a good day and a great visit this month.

Ryan left early yesterday, around 3, but was home in time to catch the Superbowl, which was absolutely fantastic; history was made! I went to a party with Nora for the 1st half, where I proceeded to stuff my face with all things unhealthy and met up with Megan at a pub for the second half. Needless to say, the voice is a little hoarse this morning and this week is fruit and veggie. I'm absolutely exhausted, but a good-exhausted.

I'm sure my parents had a difficult time peeling their faces off their pillows this morning, just like I'm sure the city of New Orleans hasn't gone to bed yet...

Hope your weekends were beautiful and relaxing!

HUGE oysters on the half shell for lunch on the beach!

Galveston Seawall
Sitting by the pool/ beach bar, relaxing in the sun and waiting for the parade to start.

Floats! It was a great parade; so long and so much fun! Nothing like dancing in the street on a perfect Saturday, collecting plastic necklaces with thousands of your closest friend-strangers.

Video of a local Galveston high school marching band!

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