Thursday, February 18, 2010

New things! Tutorial Thursday!

I've decided to do some weekly posts here @ Notes from the Republic, the first being Tutorial Thursday! I'll do my best to bring you little DIYs I come across using things you may have around the house. Sometimes it will be a craft, sometimes it will be a little recipe.

Today's DIY is this great (and green!) magazine (or newspaper, craftpaper, even fabric scrap) gift bow found on How About Orange. I made one just now at work using an ad from a page from SPIN, staples, scotch tape, and a glue stick. Hurrah for office supplies! For some reason, I had a little bit of a rough time figuring out how to "twist" the paper strips...but once I got it down, making the bow was quick and easy. Hope to bring lots of good DIYs each week!

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