Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Springtime! Lets get Twitterpated!

Even though it hardly feels like Spring today, with the threat of "snow" (which in Houston just means it's going to be a nasty, freezing day so I hope you brought your lunch to work because you do not want to go outside..) I'm trying to will it here by doing and making Springtime things. With lows in the 30s, I think tonight will be a perfect "stay-in-and-cook" night to try my hand at ever-so-appropriate Vietnamese spring rolls, one of my favorites! Crank up the heat, put on a tank top and just pretend.
Found a great recipe for Vietnamese Spring rolls at Design Sponge!

In another attempt to persuade Spring to hustle, I made a few little birds (do you want one?). I want to make dozens and just hide them all over the house to remind myself that yes, it will be sunny and 70 again soon. I want sandals and shorts (without tights) and pink cheeks and wheat brews, and picnics and bike rides and pastel nail polish.

[damn groundhog.]
[photos: thumper-google, spring rolls- design sponge]

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