Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love Story #4: Lindsay and Eric

[Lindsay] "Eric and I met at a Van Halen concert... we were both offered free tickets through a mutual contact. Instantly, I was very comfortable around him, thought he was cute, loved that we were the same age, and he made me laugh! However, he assumed I was a player (based on one little joke I made when he asked if I was seeing anyone... I replied, "No, but I have a few batters on deck.") so he didn't pursue me--at first.

Thus we began as friends saw each other again a week later for a group dinner party (as luck would have it, we sat next to each other and again were captivated by our conversation and ease of being next to one another)... after that 2nd encounter, we simply kept in touch via email & text as friends.

Then a month or two pass and all we've done is email here and there... when I invite the handsome Eric to my birthday gathering at Gigi's Asian Bistro where I was meeting with 12 other friends for dinner. Eric arrived and gave me the BIGGEST hug, and as luck would have it he somehow ended up sitting right next to me again at the dinner table. He acted silly and made me laugh with his genuine personality. That night, he invites me to a lake-party he's hosting up at Lake Conroe and I accept!

So that very next weekend I went up to his "estate on the lake" and again we had a blast together... we had so much fun in the sun that day and even though we were just friends, something started to pull-us closer & more drawn to each other. We flirted and splashed around in the water... I knew that he was exactly the type of true and genuine man I'd been looking for and I could start to see in his eyes that he might want to be more than friends as well.

That was May, 2007 and only a short time after that did he & I finally cross over "The Friend Zone" and kiss for the first time. I knew that dating him would be "the real-deal" b/c of the way he looked at me and the way I was so drawn to him throughout our friendship (like two planetoids orbiting around the same gravitational force)... this would not be just a fling nor a hook-up... but something tried & true!

Here we are almost 2yrs later and absolutely love the fact that I keep falling more and more in love with him with every passing day!

Here's to starting out as friends and letting the laws of attraction take their course!"

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