Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Story #1: Tatiana & Carlos

[Tatiana] "I first met his roommate because he liked my friend Isabel and I met Carlos one day at his apartment but I didn’t really talk to him or anything…I didn't even know what his name was. One day I was meeting my friend at their apartment because we were all riding together to go to this party…. He was getting ready and when he came out of his room he said hi to me, and he called me by my name and that shocked me!

That night after a few drinks, he started saying that I was rude because every time I went to his apartment I wouldn't say hi to him. It really surprised me that he would care whether I said hi to him or not... But that was it for that night.

Two weeks after that, me and my friend went with him to watch Harry Potter. I’m an HP fan, and he was too, so that was kinda neat. That night he asked me for my number and we started talking over the phone. He had to travel a lot for work so we didn't see each other for a week, and then he picked me up for dinner at Lupe Tortillas. That night we kissed and started dating......

We’ve been together for 4 years and almost 3 months."

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