Friday, February 12, 2010

Paris, TX: Rare Winter Wonderland

There's a city in North East Texas, very close to the OK border, called Paris, complete with a mini Eiffel tower. At work, I've been on a project called Mid Continent Express pipeline for a little under 2 years. One of the stations is here in Paris. There's this little town square with a pretty fountain that, for most of the year, looks like this:

But this Winter, it looks like this:

This beautiful photograph was taken yesterday, the 11th, by one of my associates on the project who's working out there.

I know there are so many people who have had it "up-to-here" with the snow; it's lost it's charm, it causes accidents, is expensive to remove, the bitter cold that accompanies, but for us living in parts of the country who see it so rarely, it's absolutely captivating. But we are still looking for forward to spring.

[Snow photo by Sherry Luquette]
[Top photo found here]

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