Monday, January 11, 2010

polaroids, ice sculptures and warehouses

It was a very chilly weekend in Houston, but that didn't stop anyone from bundling up and heading out. Friday night I went to a little photography exhibit.

From the Caroline Collective site: "collaborative art exhibit exploring the 3800 through the 5800 blocks of Caroline Street, located at the edge of Houston’s Third Ward, Museum district, Midtown and Montrose sections. Each of the 12 participants of the show has selected one or more blocks along Caroline Street as their focus and has presented the experience of that block through the photographic medium. The result, is a location-specific installation depicting multiple visions of one group. Each of these 21 blocks is photographed with Polaroid grid film, then installed linearly to recreate the street."

Was pretty cool to look at all of the photographs and then actually pass the subjects in the car as we were leaving. One of the photographers, Shannon Duncan, said she took approximately 650 polaroids. She was lucky to have had the film donated by an imaging lab that's gone digital, because it would have cost over $3,000 otherwise.

Saturday was clear and cold. Grabbed lunch @ Lucky's pub in the warehouse district and drove around a few blocks to take some pictures with my new Holga (Christmas present from my love!). Also took a few digitals:

Saturday was the Magnificent 7 Ice Carving Competition at Discovery Green downtown. There were 7 artists, carving 7 tons of ice over 7 hours. I didn't see the actual carving but went by in the evening to see some of the sculptures.
Pretty, nice little weekend. Hope you stayed warm!

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