Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bellpepper extravaganza!!

First attempt @ stuffed bell peppers was a success! Pretty easy, a smidge time consuming (brown the meat, cook the rice, saute the onions, blanch the peppers...3 pots/ pans going @ once!) but worth it. So basically here's how it went if you'd like to try:

4 big peppers (cut off tops and dig out the guts, rinse, boil for 4 minutes in a big pot of water)
1/2 lb of lean ground turkey meat, browned
1 cup of cooked brown rice
1/4 cup of sauteed onions, cut up into teeny tiny pieces.


and then the options, whatever quantity you desire:
garlic salt
crushed red pepper

I mixed all of the above in a large bowl

optional- cheese (I used crumbled goat cheese, I could have used more than I did, I just sprinkled a little bit on each pepper. def will use more next time, maybe even blend into mixture?

and last is the bread crumbs- I crushed up 3 pieces of Melba toast and sprinkled on top.

After the peppers were cooled, spoon the mixture into each pepper. Top with the cheese crumbles and bread crumbs.

Bake @ 350 for 35 minutes.

*when eating, I felt like i wanted it to stick together a little more, the rice sort of just... spilled out. Maybe throw a little bit, maybe 1/2 cup, of condensed mushroom soup in the mix next time? Sort of like how it holds green bean casserole together...

post-oven, pre-belly:
They were good, and what I like is how you can basically do whatever you want to them, after you have the basic ingredients. Add Worcestershire sauce, diced chilies, other veggies, any spices, any cheeses... you have a room for a little creativity.
for guidance go here!


  1. love me some bell peppers...

    hi ginny! stumbled across your blog the other day. really enjoy it. - xo lauren (amy's friend)

  2. Hey Lady! how are you? I like your blog, also- great photos! Hope you're doing well :) Looking forward to keepin up with you via our blogness haha


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