Thursday, January 21, 2010

Are you weak?

no, like really weak? with valentine's day 3 weeks away... you see what's spilling out of the grocery store aisles... pink, white and red, glittery, plush, crinkly, shiny, heart shaped awesomeness. boxes of chocolates, boxes of necco conversation hearts, candies in romantic packaging.. its so hard to avoid these aisles. everything looks so attractive, the packaging whispers (screams) sweet nothings, "I LOVE YOU!" "BE MINE" "YOU ARE SWEET" (why, thank you, candies, i love you, too!) but i can't make you mine, because we both know how it would end. messy.. with my frowning face covered in chocolate, my belly stuffed, and the guilt (possibly nausea) settling in. it would only end badly, this relationship. instead of making myself sick this valentine's "season", i'm choosing to express my affections in more productive (healthy?) ways, so why not head to hobby lobby instead of HEB? there is so much to be inspired by. pretty printed fabrics for buntings, stamps ( can even make your own stamp!), felt and glitter for homemade envelopes & sweet notes... it's so nice to give something you made yourself so try a homemade valentines this year! bake, cut, paste, sew, take some photos and put them in cute hand decorated frames... whatever, really. just as long as you put a little time into it, the recipient is sure to love it. (and then maybe, on feb 15th, if you find that you've neglected to give yourself something for v-day, you may peruse the candy aisle...chocolate tastes way better if it's 50% off anyway..)

this is an easy fantastic idea! mini heart shaped pies on a stick! directions found here.
all photos via google images and weheartit.

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