Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blau und Weiß = very nice!

Honestly can't stop with the blue and white business. I have this blue and white striped top I bought at blackbird trading on montrose and it was cheap... oh so cheap, but it has this fantastic peter pan collar (see in red below.. also kind of have a thing for those right now...)

so this shirt (that's falling apart) is two loves in one- the collar and blue and white stripes. I hope they have's too cute with a cardigan.
So yes! I think I like it so much right now because it straddles winter and spring. The blue winter sky and white clouds (or snow, depending on where you are..) and pale blue is such a springy/ pastel-ish color it just works. I painted my nails sky blue and then painted thin white stripes over it. It reminds me of a beach towel, umbrella, or maybe the decor of a beach/ lake house. Just fresh.
she's fancy!

Pretty sure that's the chick from Wierd Science...

Love this!
love her!

~ So this one wasn't deep, but sometimes you just need to go with it.

..and a quick love note!

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