Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finds: Collections

Completely forgot to post a photo of my ridiculously good finds this past weekend! I've got so many collections started (and some juuuust being born), it's always so much fun to add to! The owls have been going for a pretty long time, there's the small collection of foreign religious icons (one Russian, one Greek, one Czech e.g.). The mermaid collection is pretty tiny- it's so hard to find mermaid things that aren't completely gaudy, childish/ cheese- vintage is difficult to locate.

And now the camera collection: I have Dad's Pentax from the 70s, my Polaroid Mom and Dad gave me when I was about 20/21, the great Holga I got for Christmas from Ryan, and now two very cool additions I found @ Salvation army for the combined price of 6$. RIDICULOUS. Will definately be hitting that place up more in the future.

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