Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years in Omaha!

It's free, y'all! Load up!

Had such a great New Years vacation visiting Ryan in Omaha. It was vurry cold, unlike any cold I've ever felt, but with the right boots, a 20 year old scarf, and a boy you lurve, it's definitely do-able. Lots of playing in the snow, amazing food and snugglin' to keep warm.

Kicked off the vaca with fantastic pad thai at O and a beer @ Brothers. I love O, they have such good food and it's been a tradition, since my first visit in March of 08, to get a beer @ Brothers pub the first night I'm in town, so we stuck with it.

The following day was New Years eve so we ventured to Old Market/ downtown so see what was going on and to get a little lunch. We decided to scope out a good place for dinner and found Omaha Prime (was a very good choice, the steak was perfect! Blue cheese potatoes! Sauteed mushrooms! Cabernet! dfjndfgdghbfgjh! ). We went home, got a little dressed up, went to an early dinner and we were done just in time to catch the fireworks show! After the fireworks, we went to The 49'r to get a few cocktails and post up for the countdown and went home soon after the toast. It's funny how sleepy you are at the end of a cold day- it really takes a lot of energy to keep warm!

The first day of 2010 consisted of much needed sleeping in, a great home cooked meal @ Ryan's parents and bowling! We wrapped the night up warm on the couch with a horror movie- Pretty relaxing way to start the year.

Jan 2nd wasn't too shabby either- made breakfast @ home, went to the movies to see Up in the Air, went out for a really nice Tapas dinner @ Espana, then hurried home to get in the heat, Saturday night was so so cold.

My last day, the 3rd, we finally got the guts to attempt ice skating.. there was this outdoor rink downtown that we'd been eyeballing... but every time we'd discuss, we decided it was just too damn cold to skate outside. ( seriously, it was between 2 and 8 degrees). So Sunday, after bellies full of eggs Benedict, we bundled up and ventured downtown only to find that the rink closed for the year on the 31st... haha... so much for that. Maybe we'll be brave next year.

After our failed ice skating attempt Ryan took me to the airport and we said our goodbyes. Always brutal, but I'm so thankful I was able to ring in the new year with my favorite person and play in the snow. I hope the beginning of your 2010 is wonderful, too!
EXT = external temperature. srsly. zilch.

New Years Eve fireworks in Old Market

Queen of the snow hill!
Czech restaurant!
Goin' out!
New Years eve @ The 49'r.

Mailbox icicles!

Old Market Snow on the evergreens over by the ice skating rink- so pretty!

I would like to thank these boots for making my trip to Omaha in January possible.

And now, a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure!

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