Thursday, January 7, 2010

get out of here with that!

So I'm a massive fan of lists. I think I get it from Dad- the man makes lists for everything.

Grocery lists, lists of things to do, When I'm going on a trip, I plan my outfits, write them down... what shoes to wear, what jewelry to bring... its kind of absurd.

Two summers ago, summer of 2007, the summer of Amy and Ginny in San Marcos, we made lots of lists. Should I go to Boston? Why/ Why not? Should I get back together with _____? Pros/Cons. Should I teach English in Prague? When I was in Prague.. Should I go back home? Why/ Why not? (the answer was yes...I should) .

Today there was a little package on my doorstep and inside of it, was a very important pad of paper. A formal Pros/Cons list... absolutely imperative when making any big decision, and I think 2010 will be full of them. When Amy saw it in a shop, she said she immediately thought of us... because its obvious.

Thanks Ame!

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