Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial weekending!

With this new assignment/new schedule I'm doing a 9/80, which means that I have every other Friday off. This past Friday was my first so I had an EXTRA long memorial weekend.. 4 whole days! Friday morning started early ( a little too early after an evening of trivia and a few beers...) with breakfast at Baby Barnaby's! For someone who's been living behind it for over a year, and for how good it really is, it's a little weird that this was my second time to have breakfast here. Absolutely fantastic. I had the classic with apple wood chicken bacon, biscuits, buttery grits and scrambled jalapeno eggs (ugh, it's 8:30 am and I'm starving...) and Ryan had the green eggs with spinach, hash browns, toast and turkey sausage. YES. PLEASE. ALL THE TIME.

Then off to the Houston Zoo we went! We attempted once before, but were committed this day. It's very well organized and such a nice zoo. We had so much fun talking to all the animals (I can't talk to an animal without using this really high pitched, squeaky little voice...) and playing, petting the goats, enjoying the trees and shade...We happened upon the elephant area when the zookeepers we're answering questions, talking to the guests... I was so jealous that they got to play with Elephants when they went to work... that baby (400 lb baby) elephant Baylor is the cutest thing on this earth.

Playing with the P-dogs.
Oh hai. Dis my nest.
Sifaka Monkey- Their arms are too short for them to walk on all fours so they hop around on their legs... they were so funny!

Funny little owl, lookin' like a pirate with one eye open.

You know.. just brushin' goatz.

Baby Baylor!
After the Zoo, as if that weren't enough for the day, we walked around the Hermann Park Garden Center for a while. The flowers were in bloom and so colorful.

So that was Friday! Saturday we packed up the grill and headed to West Beach, Galveston for some sun and relaxing. Like a nerd, I forgot my camera... NEXT TIME!
Sunday we went to Mom and Dad's, Peter came into town, and enjoyed a sack of crawfish.
Monday we took it very easy, after a very busy few days. Hung out by the pool, made mojitos, had some friends over and topped off the holiday weekend with a little trivia. I think I've just now recovered from those 4 days.
Hope your memorial weekend was wonderful!

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