Monday, June 7, 2010

Summa Summa Summatimeeeee - Will Smith

Weekend, thank you. Thank you for being there for me when I want to pig out, lay in the sun, get a little culture, and sleep in. Friday Ryan and I went on a movie date! We saw Splice, which was creepy, gross, funny and weird. You could probably wait for it on DVD/On Demand. I was entertained... I'm just sayin'. After the movie, we met up with some pals for a few cocktails at Boheme and since we missed dinner that night, wailed on some late night Vietnamese cuisine: pot stickers, crab rangoon and spring rolls. Thank you Hollywood for being open until 4am on weekends.

Saturday, we were supposed to go to Galveston for the sand castle competition, but opted to sleep in and read in the sun. The ol' allergies were acting up later on so under the influence of benadryl, Saturday ended pretty early.

Sunday was great! We went to 11am mass at St. Ann's, had a fantastic brunch at Mia Bella, one of our faves! I always get the eggs and crab meat, 2 poached eggs topped with lump crap meat and jalapeno hollandaise over a grilled polenta cake (kinda like a cheesy grits biscuit thing...). You also get homefries and fresh fruit with your dish all for under 10$. It's a steal, ladies and gentlemen. Have I mentioned the 10$ bottomless mimosas, champagne, bellini's and bloody marys? Yeah, there's that too. (Excuse me, sir? Can you just leave the champagne bottle on our table? You'll really just be saving yourself the hassle...)

After brunch we went down to the museum district for free 1st Sunday! Thanks to Target, all of the museums are free the 1st Sunday of each month. I had never been to the Contemporary Arts Museum- it was great! I'm such a sucker for museum gift shops... maybe it's the kitchy things you come across, maybe I just love paying 200% over what products are worth, but I picked up a few little things.
[below, gift shop]
We moseyed on over to the Fine arts Museum to catch the Alice Neel exhibit.
She's famous for her oil on canvas portrait work, but Ryan and I loved her city-scapes the best.
Nothing like a visit to a museum to inspire you to break out the art supplies.
I'm excited about a new embroidery project I started this weekend! More to come!
Happy Monday everyone! I hope you're not as stuffed up as I am. (damn tree pollen.)

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