Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer in Texas = BBQ

Actually, summer everywhere = BBQ...and we've been doing it a lot. So we're sitting outside 2 weekends ago, near a flaming grill, sweating profusely thinking... damn. It's hot. We don't live in a large apartment complex, it's a small group of town homes (4 units). Just because we don't live in a mega-complex doesn't mean we can't get a little respite from the warmth! OH HAYYYYY Target run! And Lo! The Intex Family Swim center for $29.99. Dimensions? 6 ft X 10 ft. Back patio? 7 ft. X 12 ft. SHAZZAM! We've had so much fun with it, aside from a few close calls (like almost falling in when leaving for work in the morning) and a little bit of maintenance (blowing the thing up with your lungs takes a really long time and makes you feel like you're gonna pass out) it's been perfect. We sit outside, grill, get some sun while sitting in our little patio chairs and hop in when we feel like our skin may be cookin'. Comfortably fits 5 adults! Sure it looks a little ghetto, and the water bill may be a bit more this month... and we get a few giggles from Barnaby's patrons going to or coming from lunch... but I think they may be jealous.

There's an owl in my beer!
Steak kabobsssss mmmmm
Ryan was in charge of the corn... get it..? Cuz he's from Nebraska.. aha... (cough)

Continuing with the BBQ theme, this past Tuesday we went to dinner at Goode Co. BBQ and this giant guy was sitting outside. Perfect.

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