Monday, June 28, 2010

mozart, soccer and rainbows!

OOOooo-whee another good one! Friday was my "off" day, so I slept in until about 10:30 or so (glorious!) and since Mom's on Summer break, she drove down for a little escape from the 'burbs. We drove over to the heights and went to Onion Creek Cafe for a cold beer and some lunch on the patio. I had the veggie french bread pizza and Mom had an amazing feta and cranberry spinach salad (they also had a goat cheese & strawberry salad that I'd really like to time!)
After lunch we drove over to 19th St. for some window shopping and antiquing. We spent about an hour inside of Grace Hart & Co, where I bought a fantastic pastel summer dress for 13$ and Mom bought a really cool delft-looking planter for 8$! We went over to Replay where I found a really great Matryoshka/nesting doll. I'll have to snap a photo of her, she's so pretty.
After shopping, we attempted to get pedicures (as I've never had one, which is horrible..) but since the shop by the house was super busy, we opted for granitas at Empire instead. So Mom and I had good, action packed afternoon!
Friday evening was so nice. During the summer, Miller Outdoor Theater hosts the Houston Symphony for free concerts, Summer Symphony Nights, so Ryan and I packed up our little camping chairs, some fruit, nuts and wine, and enjoyed Mozart and Tchaikovsky under the stars. It was so breezy and comfortable.

Saturday was also action packed! I wish I had taken more photos. We went over to Rudyard's at about 1 to watch the US-Ghana soccer game. We lost, but I really enjoyed cheering them on this year . After the game, we waked over to Westheimer- it was gay pride weekend so there was so much to see and do around Montrose. People were out and about early in the morning, tailgating before the parade at night. After walking around for a while I went home for a quick nap and then we hit the parade! We caught tons of beads and just had so much fun. Fuzz looking "festive" in her rainbow beads.
Sunday we relaxed pretty hard. Did a little grocery shopping, sat outside by the pool and read, watched a little bit of the Mexico-Argentina game and grilled veggies and corn. I got a little bit of crafting in last night and fell asleep so fast.
So excited for the 4th of July weekend and my teeny tiny 3 day workweek coming up!
Happy Monday!


  1. I bet Fuzz actually liked that. She so crazy =)

  2. she lovvveeddd it! any excuse to get all dressed up.. :)


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