Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthdays, Sunburns and Burgers

Shame on me for not taking my camera out more this weekend! It was an absolutely gorgeous one and I only have 3 shots to prove it.

The weekend started Friday at noon with some lunch at home a little grocery shopping and then a little napping. That night was Lindsay and Eric's 30th birthday extravaganza at Patrenella's, a great Italian restaurant off Washington converted from an old house. It was a pretty cool communist dinner, meaning the 20 people at the table all shared appetizers, salads, and 4 different entrees. The food was fantastic, as was the bottle of Pino Noir Ryan and I shared. After dinner everyone went to a bar called The Black Swan for a few cocktails, but ultimately Ryan and I called it an early night. Maybe the Italian food (and the fact that I stuffed my face so hard paired with the wine) made me a little sleepy.

We got up Saturday with plans to visit the Houston Zoo (which I've never seen despite living here for 14 years..) We bought our tickets (save 2 dollars per ticket if you buy @ a Fiesta grocery store first!) but then proceeded to drive around the parking lot for 40 minutes. Obviously on a beautiful Saturday afternoon the Zoo is packed. Seriously, uncomfortably so. We eventually decided quit...we have our tickets so maybe we'll go on a Friday afternoon when it's not as crowded. We headed over to Cedar Creek to sit in the sun and shared a salad and a few pints before calling it a day.

Sunday morning we got up early (ish) and drove into Galveston! We packed up a little lunch, some snacks, threw some chairs in the back of the car and we're relaxing on the beach before noon. I left my camera in the car so only managed to snap this one photo on the way out, of the Texas Heroes Monument ("built in 1900, the 72-foot monument honors those who fought and died in the Battle of San Jacinto to win freedom for the Republic of Texas from Mexico...")

Driving back into the neighborhood, I spotted a bit of Guerrilla/ Urban Knitting/ Knit Graffiti. LOVE THIS. The stop sign pole on the corner of Taft and Welch is covered with a long colorful knit sleeve, definitely making street art a little more warm and fuzzy.

After getting back home, we had a hankering for a big juicy burger cooked over an open flame... and didn't really want to go inside and call it a day yet. We sat on the back patio, read a bit and grilled up some REALLY good hamburgers.

I like mine covered in sauteed mushies! MMMMmmmmm.. gah, they were good.
There's so much to look forward to this week and the upcoming weekend! Today Ryan and I have haircuts and then maybe heading over to porch swing to see that their trivia night is like. Wednesday is Cinco de Mayo so there may be some fajita grilling and Tecate drinking at the house. OH! It also happens to be this blog's 1 year anniversary! I may have a little giveaway-blog-birthday-party sort of thing here, so come back and visit on Wednesday!


  1. WOW that burger looks good!

    Hi from the sorry about the parking lot situation.

    Don't know if you tried this but you can also park at the Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza minutes, or you can try the Park Plaza Hospital’s Garage on Hermann Drive at San Jacinto.

    You can also park in other lots and ride the metro rail... I blogged about it on a post about Spring Break... if you want to check it out before you come next time here's the link:

    Hope that helps and come see us soon! :-)

  2. Hey thanks for the tip! I should have been better prepared though, going at 2pm on a Saturday, i should have known! Will abso go earlier next time, or on a weekday. Can't wait to visit!


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