Friday, May 7, 2010

city series: pretty houston

Yesterday after running a few errands and having a little sushi date, we decided to ride on over to the Galleria and check out the Water Wall. I've been hearing about this thing for years but I had never seen it and decided that.. yesterday was as good a day as any to see what it was all about. Its located behind the Williams Tower, which at 64 stories and 900 feet it the3rd tallest building in Houston, 4th tallest building in Texas. We roamed around the grounds for a little while (it was a really pretty day) and took these photos. Nice little park...


  1. is that YOU in the black dress? Doesn't look like you at all. I can recognize Ryan, though =)

  2. haha i know!! the mist/wind was blowing off the wall and puffed my dress up so i look.. bigger? haha


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