Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Year in Review

2010 sure was busy...filled with some wonderful and some rough moments.  The Saints won the Super Bowl, something the city of New Orleans badly needed. What a morale booster! Can we do it again? We're sure as hell gonna try.  Ryan went to his first Mardi Gras parade, the first of many to come! I bought my first sewing machine, opened my little Etsy shop and actually sold some stuff! Can't wait to get-to-makin again! My favorite thing:  Ryan became a Houstonian! Proud moment: my brother graduated from Texas State and my sister became a student again. We kicked it with Gaga (def one of the weirdest weekends of my life), enjoyed a wonderful beach vacation, had fun, lazy days at the lake and Dad had a bit of a close call, health wise (NEVER AGAIN, OK?)  I turned 29, got a new job, moved into a new home. Peter bought a plane ticket to Lima, Peru, where he'll be living for the next 6 months. Woo! We also lost Gammaw this year and she'll be so missed.
Even with the rough stuff, If 2011 is half as good to me as 2010 was, I'll be pleased as punch. I already have so much on my list of things to do, including plane rides to Omaha, St. Paul and New York.

Strange, but things feel.. mostly "in place"... and the things that aren't quite...well, I feel like they're headed in that direction. I'm so very looking forward to what this year will bring. I'll post my 2011 goals list sometime this week.

Yesterday was my first day on a treadmill in... oh.. like 10 months. YIKES. I don't know how it happens (oh wait, yes I do...I eat everythingggg) but between Thanksgiving and now, 10 lbs seem to just... find a happy little home on me. They're being evicted.

Happiest 2011 everyone!



  1. Amen to that - If 2011 is anywhere near as good to me as 2010 I'll be a happy camper :)

    and PS - yesterday was my first day back on a treadmill too!! It was......fun.

  2. i was enjoying it too... til this morning and my legs were like.. WHAT.. the hell was that? So i think i'll just have to go a bit slower. maybe a brisk walk..


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