Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wo/Man vs. Her/Himself: Weight loss, Donuts and the Struggle

FACT: From Thanksgiving to Christmas, I gained 10 lbs. It didn't sneak up on me...but it wasn't what I'd call a completely conscious decision. I just didn't deny myself the tasty treats that come along with the holidays (and in an office environment, tasty treats are never few and far between this time of year). So many pretty, homemade delights...how can you say no to a wonderful lady who spent all day in the kitchen baking something delicious for you just to see your smile as you say "WOW... that is AMAZING... you MADE this" ? It would be plum rude. Who wants to be rude?

But now that the holidays are over and all the treats wrapped in red and green have been consumed, it's time to go back to eating like a human, not a garbage disposal. I'm eating salad, baked chicken and rice, fresh seafood, low sodium soups, opting for cottage cheese, honey and fruit instead of my soy milk & cookie before bed, laying off the beer...and even hitting the little gym we have in our building. 11 days have gone by and I'm happy to report that I've lost almost 5 lbs. (small victories!) It's not much but come on... it's half of what I gained!  For the most part, I behave at work. I bring my own lunch so I'm not tempted to go out and buy something terrible, I'll pass over the cookies, brownie bites & kolaches that vendor's bring...(If you buy my fittings & flanges, I'll bring you breakfast tacos! Come on! Give me your business!)

But every now and then, I think it may not be the worst thing in the world to fall of the wagon for a second, just make sure you enjoy the hell out of it and exercise a little restraint/ self control, i.e. no seconds).  If you limit yourself to raw asparagus spears and lemon water, you'll stop before you even start. You'll think "I hate this diet, I can never have anything that tastes good, this is bullsh!t, I quit". If I don't allow myself some small indulgence during my quest to drop the holiday 10, I'll just be another bitchy dieter. The rigid discipline can have a negative effect on you and your diet psychologically.

 Sure running for 2.5 miles and then eating a donut might be counterproductive... but it's definitely better than NOT running and eating the donut anyway, right? Am I justifying my donut consumption today? Maybe. Am I taking a step back? Possibly.Duh, they're bad for you...I don't eat them often (I seriously haven't had one in... oh... 6 months...) So at that rate, 2 donuts a year ain't bad. 

Yes, this donut was 217 verrryyy empty calories (it was a glazed Shipley, I looked it up) and truth be told, if I hadn't left my lunch in the car this morning (only to remember it as Ryan drove off...) I may have passed on the donut. But while I'm on the treadmill this evening...sweating, with the incline as high as it will go, I'll think "Damn, that was a good donut".

And I'll look forward to July 11th, when I can have another one.

** this is in no way any kind of dieting advice...just ramblings and observations about my current situation**


  1. Dude, 5 lbs in 11 days is NOT a small victory! That's like biggest loser numbers, yo. Awesome! I'm hitting the gym hard too; this is the worst I have EVER looked and I am not happy with myself.

    Bikini weather will be here before we know it and I'll be damned if I spend another summer not wanting to be in a 2-piece.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. WOOHOOO! It's so hard to think bout swimsuits when there's a freeze warning tonight...but it's-a-coming. sooner than i think.. (isn't it gonna be in the 80s next week?)

  3. haha, this is great =).

    Good for you for putting the little gym to use! Keep it up - feels gooood.

    I love things that taste good, too. I just choose chips or fries and pass on the donuts. You and dad's sweet-tooth/milk and cookie before bed =).


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