Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sparklers, Stitches and Sassy Dresses

In a fit of randomness last night, Ryan and I decided to light some sparklers my dad gave us for new years...25 days late. But srsly, is it ever a bad time for sparklers? I don't think so. Same with champagne.

In "What I'm working on" news, I snagged this dollhouse miniature @ hobby lobby yesterday. Love it because it looks like my grandmother's old singer and would make a super-cute necklace on a long chain.

[Gammaw's vintage singer]

Also working on stitching this little guy up...gnomes y'all. gnomes.

It's almost payday! Whew!

My payday purchase this week is Modcloth's Terra Firma dress. I love the cut, the sleeves, the length..

It would look so cute with cowboy boots. This is my 3rd official modcloth purchase. Sadly, after I purchased the Flora dress a few weeks ago, I got an email saying they oversold and I wouldn't be getting my dress. They were super apologetic about it and gave me a coupon to use on my next purchase plus free shipping which was really nice. It still hasn't been restocked (I hope hope hope it will be soon).

Meanwhile also waiting for this guy to be restocked, too. The fabric has little foxes all over and I love the neckline.

Hurray dresses!

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