Monday, December 27, 2010


How was your Christmas weekend? We all had such a good one, so nice to relax, eat dinner in your PJs and...well basically live in your reindeer PJ pants for a full 24+ hours. We drank homemade eggnog, watched movies, had a singalong, ate (and maybe ate a little bit more), sat out by the fire pit, made s'mores, went to a nice Christmas mass, slept in and just enjoyed the company of fam. 

Santa brought me a super neato chandelier I had been pining for for my bedroom and an Instax mini camera that i looooove! My sister gave me a fantastic handmade vintage fabric apron that one of the mom's from her school made. LOVE IT! Can't wait to use. My brother gave me the Indie Craft book- so inspiring! My friend Nora gave me a gift card to one of my favorite shops, Paper Source and a Viewmaster with TONS of picture reels! SUCH a fun gift.  My love gave me a fantastic Nan Lawson print, a gift certificate for a spa downtown (that will most likely be redeemed for a massage! Desperately needed!)  and tons of embroidery hoops! He knows me so well! Speaking of,  Ryan left for Omaha Christmas eve morning so the night before we had a mini-Christmas with him, complete with turkey dinner and presents! He comes back to Houston today...Yayyyy! I've missed him! 

Yesterday we rounded out our Christmas festivities with a little bowling, our second annual Boxing day bowling outing!  Afterwards, I went back downtown and spent a little time with my lovely friend Amy who is in town from New York...indefinitely since pretty much all flights are cancelled. BLIZZARDZ Y'ALL.

Now it's back to work...I needed a quadruple espresso today and...probably an extra day to recoup from all the eating that happened ( it's a passive activity. I can not be held accountable).

Do you guys ever get the post- Christmas blues? I sure do. After a whole month (and then some) of preparing, planning gifts, decorating, cooking holiday treats (maybe putting on like.. oh... 8 lbs...) listening to Christmas carols 24/7 and just relishing in the merriment of the season, it just kind of.... stops. Like.. that's it, it's over. Now you have to wait 365 more days for it to happen again. wh... what? Whyyyy? So much build up and then all of a sudden, its December 26th, you're surrounded by piles of wrapping paper, and there's chocolate on your face.

Anywho, here's a teeny amount of shots from the weekend- I hardly took any photos, I was too busy playing and having fun!

Christmas Eve dinner @ Perry's Steakhouse. AMAZING GOOD.

Michelle opening presents Christmas morning.

Stockings hung by the chimney with care....

Have you guys started to think abou 2011 resolutions yet? I need to make a list of mine!

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