Thursday, November 11, 2010

DIY Christmas cards for 2010


Hobby Lobby has ALOT of Christmas things on sale! You could TOTALLY raid the Christmas scrapbooking stuff and make your own one-of-a-kind Christmas cards! I bought a box of 10 blank stamping cards (with envelopes) at an art supply store in town the other day for less than 4$. Today on lunch I found these little 3D-ish guys with their super-cute winter outerwear and was like.. SHAZZAM.


Snag a little holiday stamp to embellish the scene a bit (maybe snow flakes? I also bought a little "Merry Christmas" stamp for the inside of the card...)  and you're done! Most of these scrapbooking 3D things already have sort of sticky backs but I super glued them to the card for good measure so they don't pop off in the mail.

I love that they're personal...YOU designed and created a holiday card for someone special.

It's gonna mean that much more!

Inside in red and green (stamped): 

I know it may be a bit early (I mean, I'm not mailing them yet...)...but it's one more thing you can scratch off that holiday to-do list!

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