Monday, November 8, 2010

"When the boxes are gone and you've cleaned up the mess you'll make a home of the house that was just an address". -John Bratton.

It's-a-movin'-time! You may think it's sick...but I love moving. I typically don't stay in one place for more than a year, and I've been at the Fargo house for almost 2, which is bizarre...but that just means I'm a year overdue for "the purging".

I love the process of going through drawers and closets, sorting, throwing things away, absolving the nooks and crannies of things I've held onto for absolutely no apparent reason. Carrying bag after bag to the trash can feels like dropping pounds. One trash bag = 5 lbs and y'all I'm gettin' skinny! (not literally...I'm throwing back boxes of nerds candy down my gullet as I type..) It just feels so good, in the immortal words of Outkast, I feel so fresh and so clean, clean...

After spending countless hours on the HAR site (Houston area real estate), and touring 7 units on Saturday, we applied for an apartment in this bad boy on Kipling near Dunlavy in Montrose. The house is broken up into 4 individual units, we're looking at the one on the bottom left. The neighborhood is fantastic, in super-short walking distance to Brasil, Poison Girl, Anvil, Boondocks and so many other coffee shops, bars and awesome vintage/ retail shops on the Westheimer curve....aaannddd they're building a big HEB at the corner of West Alabama and Dunlavy so that would be ridiculously convenient.

The unit comes with stacked washer and dryer, we get our own private garage with storage space... It's almost perfect... almost.

[ we've agreed that the bathroom is a little snug with no counter space and the bedroom may be about 3 feet too small ]

 So here it is:
View of front

View of living room from front door
View with back to living room windows looking at front door, tiny view of hallway.
Dining room painted a dark red color with original vintage hutch (hello, bar area!) Would probably use this as office/craft space.
View of bedroom, looking at closet doors.

View of bathroom with accent tile.


All of the above are realtor shots, except for this one....

 I took as Ryan and I were leaving... after our apartment locator guy drove us around for about 2 hours, Ryan was patient enough with me to go back, hours later, to the two properties we liked the most and walk around for a while. Thinking. Talking. Comparing. Contrasting.

Saturday was a stressful day. It's so hard to decide because there are so many good things we loved, and a few things we didn't and it's just... hard, you know?

This will be our first home together so maybe I'm letting that weigh on it more than it should...a home is.... it's where the heart is, it's where you hang your hat, be it ever so humble, there's no place like it... in the words of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, it's where ever I'm with you.

So with that attitude, I'm awaiting (not so patiently) a call from the realtor to see if we got it (we were competing with one, possible more people for it..).

I'm promising myself that if he calls to tell us we got it or if we didn't that it's meant to be and that if it means we keep looking, that's A-Ok.


  1. It looks SUPER cute! And great area of course! I hope you get it, good luck!

  2. Nice looking place. And you're are SICK if you like moving. Ugh. I'd rather vacuum stairs than move and I hate that!

    My family and I lived in Fort Worth for 8 years and now live in Kentucky. Love the items in your Etsy shop!


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