Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tiny Wednesday things

[ meteor photo does not = houston..]

I'm a little peeved i missed the shower this morning. It would have been really neat to see.

From 11 News Weather Blog:

Stay up late and look up

09:02 PM CDT on Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The annual Perseid meteor shower will peak tonight, but you'll have to stay up late and have a sharp eye to spot the fast moving flashes of light. Each year, the Earth passes through the tale of the comet Swift-Tuttle and pieces of that comet disintegrate in our atmosphere resulting in the Perseid meteor shower. They are so-named because the showers appear to emanate from the Perseus constellation. One problem with this year's shower is that there is a waning moon whose light may make it hard to see the bright flashes. So you'll have to be very patient as you scour the skies. Look in the northeast sky after midnight until around 4 am.

Definately looking forward to:
~ visit from a Nebraskan boy
~ a visit to this fantastic place to look for tiny glass bottles lke these:
~ a night of dancinggggg ( maybe dancing, definately music listening) at the dox! ( probably a little photoboothing too..)
~ a saturday filled with sun, boats, cold beers and cheese sandwiches
~ a sunday morning of sleeping in and a visit to the farmer's market
~ and then the dreaded drive to the airport (but i'll not think about that just yet)

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