Monday, August 17, 2009

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” - Mother Teresa

Ryan was in town this weekend! Although we had no real agenda, we managed to do so much including but not limited to:

- tasty cold drinks and lunch with friends
- exploring on westheimer
- lots of window and vintage shopping
- library exploring
- amazing Italian @ Patrenella's
- walks around the block with freeze pops ( goal was Tx junk co, but its closed til Sept 18th!)
- farmer's market
- sunny day on the lake with the family
- vampire movie from 1922
- po-boy induced naps
- photoboothing

Snapped a few photos from our neighborhood expeditions:

[ wall art/ sticker, Richmond ave, Movies! The Store ]

[rules to live by: cedar creek, west 19th street, the heights ]

[ fancy couple/country: cedar creek, west 19th street, the heights ]

[ bombshell tattoo studio on westheimer ]
[ shop sign on westhimer. do what it says ]
[ antique shop on westheimer ]
[ chair meeting, Agora on westheimer ]

[ enjoying a lambic on a Saturday afternoon, Agora on westheimer ]

[ window drawing: Agora on westheimer ]

[ roses painted on table: Kraftsmen bakery on Montrose @ Richmond ]

[ HPL, Montrose branch: "The complex that now houses the Freed-Montrose branch of the Houston Public Library used to be the Central Church of Christ. Though they appear to be separate institutions, The Campanile encompasses the library, several restaurants and pubs, and the occasional confectionery. All are unified by a gloriously thick carpet of ivy clinging to the exterior, lending history to the library and character to the eateries. Inside the library, the structure's namesake campanile no longer chimes. It has been transformed into a staircase leading to the mezzanine level. This has been designed not to block the light beaming through the tall church windows which give the reader a sense of warmth and friendliness..."
[ if you look closely, you can see the stained glass window with a dove in the center ]

[ former bell tower ]

[ above and below: Thursday night @ McElroy's Irish Pub ]

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