Thursday, August 13, 2009

past lives

While having lunch with dad at Rita's Lebanese Cafe, he said "Man.. you know... Beirut used to be so beautiful. It was a really neat city..." and I got the sense that dad really misses traveling to the exotic places he and mom visited... before us kids showed up.

The outdoor back patio at Boheme is decorated with little tables, strings of twinkle lights and little sculptures. In the corner, there is an old, smaller sized rail car just... sitting there. While having a drink with mom one night, she points to the rail car and says "I used to work in one of those"... and I said.. "oh... you worked in logistics?" and she replied "No... I used to physically work in a rail car in Dubai. They converted them to offices, installed little window AC units, and thats where all the girls worked"

I need to talk more to my parents about things they did and places they saw before we were born. They won't be here forever and i don't want the stories to disappear because they were never told.

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  1. I agree....I was having dinner with my dad one night and he started telling me about the cross-country roadtrip he took across Mexico with his best friend after they graduated from college. They drove all across the country in a bug...I never would have taken my dad as a "take-off and drive with no destination" type-of-guy


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