Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring (forward)


You know that feeling when you're about thisclose to jumping out of your skin? You're so damn excited about something or you're feeling so inspired and anxious to get movin' but for whatever reason (i.e. your desk job) you can't... and you have to just sit and wait? And you're bouncing up and down in your chair sort of squealing (audibly)? I have that right now for so many reasons. I have so many ideas and want to leave (desk job work) so I can get to (fun) work and the sky is blue and its warm out. I'm dreaming of outdoor grilling (the smell... oooohhh the smell of charcoal...) and working on new projects and decorating Easter eggs and I have so much energy I'm about to go run laps around the big oak tree outside of my building (but I won't because that would be weird..I'm wearing heels for pete's sake..). This time next week I'll be getting on a plane bound for Omaha to steal a boy and I CAN'T WAIT. We're driving from Omaha to Houston and that road trip alone makes me super excited. There's so much happening, so much to do and look forward to.
Lets get this show on the road.

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