Monday, April 26, 2010

As american as apple cherry pie and baseball.

GORGEOUS weekend! And so busy! Ryan and I kicked it off with a round of Pitch Black IPA's at Porch Swing Friday afternoon which was promptly followed by a nap. Had a low key Friday night. Saturday morning I made kolaches for breakfast, did a little sewing and baking, as I donated a pie to the Art Lies auction/ spring roundup/ pie raffle. I made a cherry pie...and then burned it...not CHARRED...but the crust was black and I didn't want to donate an ugly pie... so I had to buy a pie (lame) and bring it over to the art space. So now there's a quasi-burned yet still very tasty cherry pie at the house. well.. ok there's 1/4 of a pie at the house...
[before the burning]

After the pie-delivery, Ryan and I went over to George R Brown to check out the Houston Public Library used book sale. There were hundreds and hundreds of books all over lots of tables- you got dizzy from tilting your head to see the titles...I only left with 1 book (huge purchase of $1.08), a Phillipa Gregory I'd never read, but could have easily left with more. After perusing the books we crossed the street and spent about an hour at discovery green. There were lots of families out enjoying the day and enjoying a live performance of Taming of the Shrew.
[bike art]
We sat and watched kids play in the water for a bit...and we were very jealous.

We sat in the Listening Vessels: "Sculptor Doug Hollis’ Listening Vessels sits in the midst of the Urban Gardens. The two parabolas, cut from solid limestone and spaced 60 feet apart, epitomize Hollis’ desire to call attention to events that are taken for granted, such as conversation. Visitors are intended to come across the vessels and gain an understanding of their function as they realize they can hear the words of another person speaking at a normal volume, a great distance away."
After walking around the park and working up an appetite, we boiled some shrimp and baked garlic bread for an early dinner.

Sunday, we went to the Astros v. Pirates game with Mom and Dad. The ballpark is near the beautiful Annunciation Catholic Church, built in 1869, so we explored a little bit.
Mom and I lit a few candles for family that have passed and for friends and family in our thoughts and prayers.
It was a perfect day for a baseball game. A little on the warm side, but nothing a cold beer couldn't remedy. We won 10-3!

After the game, we got a few lbs of crawfish with corn and potatoes for dinner and decided to call it a weekend, getting home around 8. I added some finishing touches on an ipod touch case [ below] I made for a friend and was asleep a minute after my head hit the pillow.

Still a little tired and having a little trouble getting into this Monday. It's beautiful outside again and I can't stop daydreaming about driving down to Galveston to stick my toes in some sand and finish my book.
I hope your weekend was absolutely wonderful! It's almost May- EEK!


  1. I just have to shout out to my home town. I'm totally from Houston and now I'm living in (cough) Oklahoma. Don't even ask how I got here. :)

    Your blog is cute. now following****

  2. Heya Erin! h-town whaaaaat! Oklahoma has some mean BBQ, i stopped in Ardmore on a roadtrip here from Omaha and was like "where have you been all my life?" they had a pickle and pepper bar. FOR REAL. Following you now, too! :)


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