Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crablegs, breweries, and rainstorms

Weekend ingredients! This past weekend went too fast for sure. Friday after work, I did a little house cleaning and napping. Ryan and I met up with Mom and Dad for dinner at this Asian place that was doing all-you-can-eat crab legs. I pretty much are my weight in crab rangoon and sesame chicken. Got home around 9:30 and felt like a stuffed tick. (gross!) so going out wasn't at the top of the list of things to do. Plus we didn't want to go out and drink...because we had to get up early... to drink.

Met up with Megan around noon on Saturday at the new St. Arnold brewery! Was our first visit and definitely I'll be back soon. Where else can you get the freshest beer ever for 7$ or less? By less I mean you get in for free if you bring in 10 recycled 6 pack holders, you get 4 beer tokens and a small (maybe 8 oz?) commemorative glass. Dad gave us 20 6pack holders the night before so we drank 8 pints of delicious fresh beer (combined) for 0 dollars! ZERO. We stopped at Pinks beforehand and brought a Mediterranean pizza to eat @ the brewery for lunch. Lessons learned: 1) bring chairs. 2) maybe a game? 3) bring extra beer tokens. 4) get there @ 11 if you want a spot @ the picnic tables.


Mash tuns
Ryan and I enjoying our brown ale.
After the brewery we went to Porch Swing for a bit to soak up some sun and then went to a free in store (that just so happened to be serving St. Arnold... weird..) to "celebrate" National Record Store day.
It was a really good Saturday.
Sunday was relaxing, woke up to rain so it was a perfect movie day. We watched The Fourth Kind.. (damn Aliens..). Between rain storms, Ryan and I managed to fit a walk in...did a little neighborhood exploring and then grilled up chicken for fajitas for dinner. So so good.

Pretty old oaks in the 'hood.
Hope your weekend was wonderful and you're having a happy Tuesday!

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