Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jetsetter Bunny!

most. amazing. ever.

Last time Michelle was in Houston (she came in for a wedding at the end of March) I gave her a few felted springtime critters- some birds..and this blue bunny. Over the past week, Michelle and Dylan had some time off, did some exploring/travelling and they took blue bunny with them!

He went everywhere! All photos courtesy Michelle and Dylan <3[Bunny @ Notre Dame, Indiana, where he went to Easter mass]

[Bunny at Grand Central Station in New York]
[Bunny and Lady Liberty]
[ Bunny in Brooklyn!]
[Bunny in Love Park, Philadelphia]
[Bunny @ the Liberty Bell!]
[Bunny @ Niagara Falls, NY]
[ Bunny @ the Canadian border. Neat, eh?]
[Bunny's home in St. Paul, MN]
I love it. Thanks to Michelle and Dylan- it looks like it was a really great trip!


  1. Michelle loves EasterApril 6, 2010 at 4:37 PM

    haha =) yaay. Every time we talked on the phone it was hard not to tell you I was doing it. It was fun. Had to go back to the Liberty Bell, though - I forgot him the first time <=O.

    Thank you!


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