Thursday, November 5, 2009

we are adventuring, we are adventurous

i'm not the most daring person. i think i live on the edge because i'm 28, working at an engineering firm, i still have my nose pierced, and frequently change my haircolor (OOoohhhhhh, wild one). i'm usually in bed by 10pm on weeknights. i feel guilty the next day if i drink too much wine at a party. my go-to outfit the entire summer was a thin v-neck solid T with cut-off jorts. (creative). I purchased a black shirtsleeve dress covered in lightning bolts from Leopard Lounge on Westheimer and i haven't had the guts ( or maybe the right occasion?) to wear it out yet.

i read all these little street-style blogs and I see these people wearing things i have in my closet and i think "why have i never put those items together?" and its probably because i get so sick of looking at the same skirts/tops/pants everyday i don't think to pair them with unlikely partners. i need to keep my mind more open when shopping for vintage pieces: dresses, blouses, blazers... i need to utilize a tailor. if i find something fantastic but a little on the bigger side, a little tailoring could make a world of difference. i need to learn to freshen things up with funky-print scarves and colored tights and put new eyes on what's already in my closet instead of robotically running to forever 21 every pay period because its cheap! (badddd habbbiiittttttt). with cooler weather finally here, i think this season i'll make a genuine effort to try harder to look at dressing myself as more of an adventure instead of a chore (although in my defense, trying to pick out work clothes @ 5 am is brutal for anyone, adventurer or not..).

And now, for some things im lusting after. I read "Here's lookin' at me, kid" frequently because i love her creative style, mismatched patterns, layers, accessories, and her great photos. She also has an etsy shop, HalfCaf Vintage with all kinds of great pieces and i've been staring at a few things for a while now:

as much as mom might make fun of me ("I wore that in the 80s!") i do love a sort of.. love the school marmish look, only modified slightly. maybe a shorter skirt or higher heels with a ruffly long sleeved blouse...

early resolutions.

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