Tuesday, November 24, 2009

no, i have not painted my living room walls red and green yet... but....

My lunch hour yesterday was spent at Hobby Lobby gathering materials to make my first holiday bunting. I found the tutorial here. Per her site, I needed jute or string, iron-on adhesive and fabric scraps. Easy enough.

I chose a yard each of 3 Christmas prints (50% off!), a green holly berry/pine cone, a red and white snowflake print, and a white "Merry Christmas" print. I cut 7 1/2 " wide triangle shaped pieces but will do larger pieces next time! (this bunting is 13 triangles long) and I glued (iron-on adhesive) the pieces 1" apart along the jute.

The whole thing took almost 2 hours, which seems like long time, but I've never made one of these things before and had the kitchen floor as my workspace (throw in a meddling kitten and it takes a little longer..). After hanging it, it seemed like 2 hours well spent. It really brightens the room and I think it will look good hanging above the tree in the little bay window area.

Felt nice to make my first Christmasy thing of the year :)

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