Friday, September 24, 2010

Meringue madness.

It's a delicate, pure, crispy dollop of sweetness... and an hours worth of hand whisking (and a little frustration... and saying "I give up, this is ridiculous" a few (7) times, and asking Ryan to whisk...and 2 glasses of wine).
I do not own a hand mixer, but after last night's little kitchen experiment, I'll be investing the $20 in a Black & Decker. I feel like I got frogged in the arm a few times...but I'm gonna say it's worth it.
Total time spent making 12 cookies? 3.5 hours. About 1 whisking, 2 in the oven and 30 minutes for cooling/drying out.

It's the little victories, you know?
I used this recipe (minus the electric mixer of course...)

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  1. Hehe nice work! I haven't tried making meringues before - bit nervous! Sounds like an electric beater is definitely vital.


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