Tuesday, July 6, 2010

celebrating 'murica

Oh hay! How was your 4th? Ours was grrrrrreat! Friday it rained and rained so we stayed in and made it a movie night. Saturday started off a little rainy so we stayed in most of the day and started some paintings (which we plan on finishing this week!) Saturday night we went to dinner at Danton's Gulf Coast Kitchen. I had a hankerin' for oysters, I know its so late in the year but you can usually get them for 10-12$ a dozen..sadly, because of the oil spill they're 5 times that price so no one is selling them. I opted for a dozen boiled peel-n-eat shrimp with crab bisque and Ryan got a great piece of grilled red fish so our seafood craving was satisfied. We bar hopped a little bit before calling it a night.
Sunday we kicked off the day with a breakfast of blue and red jello with cool whip. Because we can. We sat by the pool, grilled burgers and listened to the most American music we could think of. Around 6 we met mom and dad and went over to Miller Outdoor Theater for their 4th of July sha-bang. It was great (and free)! We packed a picnic, sat on blankets and watched the Houston symphony play some popular patriotic tunes. After the concert there was a great fireworks display. By the time we got home at midnight, we were exhausted.
Monday was a work holiday so we hit the lake! So good, as always, to just lounge in the water on a floatie with a cold beer.
A few photos from the weekend: Gettin' all festive with it.
The folks
Breakfast. gross. and awesome.
Happy Tuesday!

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